About Renisher

My Roots

As I sit back and reflect on my life, I can actually make the connections and draw the lines to the path that has led me to where I am today. I am the only daughter of immigrant parents who migrated to New York from the island of Grenada, located in the southeastern part of the Caribbean. As a young person growing up in Brooklyn New York, I learned very quickly that life was not going to be easy. New York was a tough city, and it seemed quite easy to get in to trouble, if the wrong path was taken. I recognized early that education would be my best ticket out of my “stagnant, no one ever makes it” neighborhood. I was determined to beat those odds.


Finding the Right Path to Follow

It was very difficult for me to choose a profession. I didn’t grow up having any real successful role models or mentors to follow. My mother was a strong woman, and it seemed quite natural to follow her lead. I always knew that I enjoyed helping others. What I didn’t know was that I could actually make a living doing this; outside of being a nurse, that is, which was a field that I did not gravitate towards. Deciding on a major in college was not as easy for me as it was for others. There didn’t seem to be anything particularly that I enjoyed enough to want to pursue. I decided to major in Liberal Arts in a junior college, with the hopes of finding something that sparked my interest. However, finding the major that was right for me came much easier than I could have ever imagined.

From my very first semester of taking Introduction to Psychology I fell in love with the field. I was so intrigued by the way the human mind works and fascinated by how our past experiences affect our present situations. After dabbling with various majors in college, including Occupational Therapy, I returned back to my first love. I went on to graduate with a B.A. in Psychology as an undergrad.


Getting the Credentials

Once I made the decision to become a psychotherapist, I knew that I would have to attend graduate school. Attending graduate school in my thirties was a bit challenging for me, as I had a life of my own now and returning back to college was not the same as it was when I was in my twenties. Nonetheless, I enjoyed the vigorous fast-paced experience of grad school. I interned at an inpatient psychiatric hospital. I would later come to realize that this would be one of the best things that could have happened to me. I was later hired on staff at this hospital as a Psychiatric Rehabilitation Therapist after graduating college. This was where I gained most of my clinical experiences and where I witnessed firsthand the delicate balance between mental illnesses at its most chronic stages, and the recovery processes that followed. It was my time spent here that taught me the most about mental health. It was an amazing, eye-opening learning experience.

I am an alumnus of Brooklyn College class of 2009. I earned my M.A. degree in Mental Health Counseling. As a Licensed Mental Health Counselor in New York, I had to complete graduate school and work in the field as a therapist while completing at least 3000 hours of clinical supervised work and passing a State Board Licensing Exam. I believe that learning never ends and have obtained continuing education certificates in other areas of interest, including Domestic Violence, Life Coaching, Couples Counseling and Trauma Therapy. I am also a National Certified Counselor (NCC).


Life Outside the Therapy Suite

I believe a wellbalanced life is vital for an overall healthy lifestyle. Outside of the office you will find me serving as a humanitarian. My goal of helping others and making a difference has expanded globally. This has led me to become an international volunteer with an organization that serves underprivileged villages in rural areas of Africa, where I am focused on empowering women. This has been both eye opening and life changing for me. It has helped put my life into perspective and helped me to realize just how resilient human beings can be. When I am not on a humanitarian trip, I am usually fundraising and seeking donations to help support this mission. Serving others has been very rewarding and fulfilling for me. There is nothing like giving your time and self to help others, especially when children are involved.

Traveling the world has been a dream of mine since childhood. I now get to live out this dream as an adult. I have the pleasure of coming into contact with individuals from all around the globe during my travels. I have always enjoyed learning about new cultures and customs and this allows me to do both. Once I began travelling and stepped outside of United States, I realized that there is a world far bigger than myself and where I come from. In this world, there are people just like me with some of the same issues and problems that I have had to face in my life. Once I allowed myself to step out of my comfort zone, a new world opened up to me and I simply embrace it. Some of my most memorable destinations include Thailand, Japan, Kenya, Paris and Venice. I have a special love for the Caribbean as my roots are planted there. I therefore try to visit as many Caribbean Islands as I possibly can. 


These Days……

For the past several years I’ve had the pleasure and privilege of practicing therapy the way that I have always wanted and dreamt about. I find myself enjoying the career and life that I have worked so hard to achieve. My journey was not the easiest one, but it’s the end result that really matters. I believe that no dreams are too big; if you believe you can do it, then you certainly can achieve it. My pride and joy is watching my clients gain clarity on issues that they once thought of as insurmountable; and knowing that there is hope for tomorrow. I’m living out my passion everyday that I am in the office, and it feels really good to do what I love. Working with individuals and couples has been a dream come true for me. I believe that my life is a work in progress – therefore there is still much more in store for me as this journey continues.