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  • Quarantined Couples…

    Covid-19, couples and a new normal.  Since March America has been on lock down and other parts of the world have been quarantined even earlier.  The reports on the home front has been anything but great, when it comes to couples and relationships.   According to statistics domestic violence cases are up and couples seem to be fighting more, during this pandemic. Isolation is a strong component of domestic violence cases, where abusers use this to further control their victims.  This lockdown has naturally created an isolation that abusers are taking advantage off. According to reports 18% of couples report that they are not satisfied with their communication skills during this quarantine.  It seems that with everyone being home, and spending much more time together than ever before, it’s inevitable that they will get on each other’s nerves.  For couples who already had communication problems and other issues before Covid-19, these issues has now magnified.

    These are definitely uncertain and unprecedented times, its a time that we have not seen before and hopefully will never see again.  There is death and destruction all around. This virus does not discriminate; anyone can catch it and no one is immune.   Best case scenario you catch it and recover, worst case you die.  It shows how vulnerable and fragile human life truly is. This is a time that families should be closer than ever, because so many others are losing members of their own. Which leads me to also report some happier news, that some couples have reported that they are indeed deepening their relationship during this time, which is absolutely amazing to hear.   This is a time for couples to get closer and realize that what they have together is a blessing. If you are coupled and in a relationship, you should think of yourself as privileged.  Because the opposite of this, is being alone during this quarantine period.

    These are times for reflecting and realizing that health and family are what really is important.  The things that we once thought were important a few short months ago; we now realize that they aren’t anymore.  Life has always been precious, but seen even more so right now.  What we took for granted before, should not be taken for granted now or even in the future to come.  Lives are at stake, that life can be your own, the life of your spouse/partner, or other family members.  Don’t allow words like unforgiveness, regrets, resentments and the such,  be a part of your vocabulary during this time.  Never has closeness, bonding, and family been more important than during these times.

    This is a time for couples to speak more, literally. It’s a time to celebrate each other more, love more, respect and treasure each other more.  It’s that type of time, we are living in now.  Hold each other closer, since social distancing is taking a toll on everyone else, especially those who are single and live alone. If you are lucky enough to be in a relationship with someone that you like, let alone love, cherish it.  If you were having problems before this, then make amends, it’s not too late.  Don’t allow this quarantine to create more divisions and tensions within your home and relationship, with your spouse and loved ones.  Start fresh if you have too. This life is too precious for anything else.