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    Are You Struggling To Regain Control of Your Crumbling Relationship?

    • Do you and your partner constantly argue, fight and bicker?
    • Is your spouse more like a roommate than a compassionate, intimate life partner?
    • Have you stopped trusting your spouse because of infidelity issues, or are you thinking of stepping out of the relationship yourself?
    • Do you feel misunderstood by your partner, like your needs aren’t being addressed or your voice isn’t being heard?
    • Do you and your partner often sit in silence because talking only seems to result in heated arguments?
    • Has your partnership become stale, leaving you with a profound longing to rekindle the magic you once had?
    • Are you worried that divorce is a real possibility, but desperately wish to save your relationship?
    • Do you long to reconnect with your partner and rekindle the spark your relationship once had?

    An unhealthy, unsatisfying relationship can leave you feeling as though you’re walking through a deep, disheartening gloom. As children we’re often taught that love is supposed to last a lifetime. So when a relationship starts to sour, your heart may feel like it’s breaking because the life you thought you had seems to be crumbling around you. Arguing might be part of your daily existence. Perhaps you and your partner incessantly fight over the smallest things. Or maybe you’re both walking on eggshells, constantly worried that minor disagreements will turn into major showdowns. You may be avoiding you partner and shutting down emotionally because it feels easier to surround yourself in a shell of armored silence than to work out differences. When relationships are in turmoil it’s not uncommon to suffer from a deep, pervasive loneliness and fear that there is no better path forward.

    Many Couples Go Through Trials and Tribulations.

    Relationships aren’t as easy as fairytales lead us to believe. Like anything worthwhile in life, relationships take work, patience and commitment. Given that relationships can be complex, it’s no surprise that so many couples have felt the pang of a struggling partnership. Once the initial honeymoon period has subsided, the intimate moments of passion are often replaced with routine and domesticity. When couples have been together for long periods of time, personalities can begin to clash, and tensions can grow around things like household chores, child rearing and money. The pressures of finances and the stress of raising children can wreak havoc on relationships and lead to heated arguments.

    If your partnership feels like it’s slowly dying, you may be worried that divorce is in your future. However, if you aren’t ready to give up on love and still deeply cherish your spouse, couples counseling can provide you with support, insights, guidance and hope

    Couples-TherapyCouples Counseling Can Help You Resolve Conflict and Improve Communication.

    As a compassionate, nonjudgmental professional therapist, I can offer you a safe, blame-free zone where both your and your partner’s voices can be heard. In our couples counseling sessions, you can both begin to express yourself in ways you may not have before. Together we can get to the core of your issues as well as who you and your partner truly are, which can provide valuable insight into why you communicate the way you do.

    If arguing has a prominent presence in your relationship, know that you’re not alone. We are all human and make missteps in our relationships. However, it is never too late to become better communicators and listeners. Through couples counseling, you can learn healthier ways to speak with each other so that conversations are about problem solving rather than blaming. In the office, you can develop healthy ways to share your feelings and hear those of your partner’s. With practice, you can learn important conflict resolution skills and communication tools and bring them out of the office and into your home.

    While your relationship may never be what it was when you first met, there is hope to build something even stronger and more mature, nurturing and satisfying. With the help of couples counseling, you can reignite a spark in your relationship and ultimately walk away with a deeper sense of understanding and fulfillment.

    Perhaps you’re ready to take the next step toward repairing your relationship, but still have some questions and concerns…

    I’m afraid that our relationship is beyond repair and divorce is the only real possibility.

    You may believe separation is the only solution to the pain you’re feeling, but if you’ve landed on this website then – on some level – you likely want to save your relationship. Relationships are complicated, complex intricate things. They’re not an end result, but rather process of discovering who you and your partner are. On your relationship journey there’s bound to be some bumps along the way. Sometimes all you need is a little help from a professional therapist to get over the roadblocks and find a healthier path forward. Separation might be one solution, but it’s not necessarily the right solution. Couples counseling can help you find the solution that’s right for you.

    My spouse doesn’t want to attend couples counseling.

    Trying new things is challenging for most people. If you and your spouse haven’t tried therapy before there may be some natural hesitation and skepticism. You may try to ease your spouse’s concerns by letting him or her know that you’ll never be locked in to seeing me as a therapist. After our first meeting, you can decide whether we’re going to be a good match as clients and therapist. As partners, your healing and your mental health will be entirely up to you. Ultimately it’s your choice as to whether we engage in the therapeutic journey together. Don’t leave your marriage by the wayside because of hesitation or fear. You’ll never know unless you try.

    I’m worried you will blame only me for our relationship difficulties.

    Neither you nor your partner is solely responsible for your relationship struggles. In sessions, I can help you see how both parties are contributing to conflict, as well as provide you with tools to communicate in healthier ways so that discussions don’t become boiling arguments. What I offer you is a safe, nonjudgmental atmosphere where both of your voices are equally valuable.

    Fighting And Bickering Don’t Have to be a Way of Life in Your Relationship.

    Your relationship is worth saving. Don’t spend your life wondering whether you have willingly discarded the love of your life. I invite you to call me at 917-216-1025 for a free 30-minute phone consultation. In the meantime, visit my blog where you can learn about important therapeutic tools.