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  • Therapy for Depression

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    Are You Struggling With A Continuous Heaviness and Hopelessness?

    • Has your mood been so down that the act of simply living feels overwhelming?
    • Are you plagued with pervasive sadness, feeling too low and lethargic to take on life’s challenges?
    • Do you spend too much time in bed with the shades drawn, perhaps believing that life is too pointless to get out?
    • Are you sleeping too little or too much or find that eating, dressing or showering have become unmanageable tasks?
    • Does your future seem bleak, as though you will never break through the fog of hopelessness that seems to follow you wherever you go?
    • Do you desperately wish you could reestablish the connection you once had with your spouse, children, friends, coworkers or family members?
    • Do you long to be the person you used to be, hoping that you can somehow rekindle the joy and fulfillment you once drew from life?

    If you’re feeling depressed, simply going through the motions of life can be a challenge. You may find that you struggle to get out of bed in the morning, perhaps weighed down by the feeling that life is just too much to bear. Everyday tasks can feel like crushing obligations. Perhaps you neglect to pay the bills, fail to do household chores or have difficulty caring for your children because you simply can’t muster the energy needed to function normally throughout the day. You may find that you stay at home too often, moping around the house and feel as though you’ve lost your zest for life. Perhaps you’re overwhelmed by feelings of self-criticism and blame yourself for feeling so bad. You may start to worry that you’re worthless as a coworker, spouse, parent or friend. Or maybe you can’t imagine a better future for yourself and feel as though nothing will ever change. You may long to reconnect with your version of normal and wonder if you’ll ever find relief.

    A Lot of People Suffer From Depression

    If you’re suffering from depression, you are not alone. In life, we all go through trials and tribulations. Difficulties in our relationships, careers or family lives can leave us feeling down. When life becomes too hard, depression can ensue. Depression is not your fault. Some people become depressed due to a biochemical imbalance. For others, depression can develop following a traumatic event, such as a divorce, death in the family or job loss. If you’re feeling overwhelmed by life, if you’re lost or stressed, or even if you’re haunted by the past, depression treatment can help you work through painful emotions and challenging situations and find relief.

    Depression Treatment Can Help You Better Cope with Life’s Ups and Downs

    While it’s true that almost everyone experiences ups and downs, some of us have better coping skills than others. Traumatic events will cause some people to temporarily grieve, while others will submerge into a long-lasting depressive state. Ultimately it will be the way you look, think and interpret the world around you that determines how you feel and the severity of your depression and its related symptoms. Depression treatment can help you develop better coping skills so that traumatic events don’t become a lifetime of depression. With the help of a skilled, nonjudgmental and compassionate therapist, you can identify the patterns of negative self-talk that are likely fueling your depression and reframe these thoughts into positive ones.

    In our depression therapy sessions, I’ll also help you take an in-depth look at the past and present events in your life. You’ll learn to look at life from a different perspective, develop a more positive outlook on past events and ultimately learn how to face new challenges in a healthier, more positive way. You do not have to battle depression alone. With help, you can increase energy, reduce anxiety and increase your sense of self-worth. There is hope. As a therapist who has seen patients at their very worst, I know first-hand that even the most depressed clients can find relief. With guidance and support, it’s possible to get back in touch with the best version of yourself, become a better parent, coworker or spouse and find joy in life once again. You may know that you want to break free of depression’s heaviness and fog, but still have questions and concerns about depression treatment…

    I’ve been depressed for so long, I don’t think its possible to find relief

    I know from experience that even people who have suffered from depression for years can find relief. With the help of depression treatment you can do things that perhaps you hadn’t before. You can learn new coping skills and begin to think and look at the world differently – ultimately coming away with a more positive outlook on life. Sometimes all a depressed person needs is to be heard. As your therapist, I will be available and supportive as you share your experiences and needs. Your thoughts, feelings and emotions are important. Don’t neglect them. What do you have to lose other than more time spent feeling bad?

    I want to try depression treatment, but wonder whether I can trust a therapist with the intimate details of my life

    I have a strict confidentiality policy in my practice. Nothing we discuss will ever be shared with family members, friends or anyone else without your permission. In my practice I create a safe space. I am here to help you, not to judge you. Our relationship will be a therapeutic alliance. Together we will get to the root of what’s causing your negative thoughts and emotions so you can start living a healthier, happier life.

    I tried depression treatment in the past and it didn’t work for me

    Therapists use a wide range of approaches and modalities and have varying personalities as well. If therapy hasn’t worked for you in the past, then perhaps your previous therapist’s approach wasn’t right for you or you weren’t yet ready to embark on the therapeutic journey. Alternatively, you and your previous therapist may not have built the therapeutic alliance needed to effectively work through depression. Just like finding a partner, finding the right therapist sometimes means a process of trial and error. I would be happy to set up a primary consultation so that you can get a sense of whether we’d be a good match. Ultimately your road to recovery will be up to you, and it’s your decision as to whether we travel it together.

    You Can Break Free From Your Depression

    You may think you’re powerless to overcome the pervasive fog of depression that surrounds you, but this is simply not true. With help, it’s possible to increase energy, have a more positive outlook on life and experience a deeper sense of fulfillment. I’d be happy to offer you a free phone or office consultation to see if therapy is right for you and whether we’d be a good match as a therapist and client. I can be reached at 917-216-1025. In the meantime you can visit my blog section where I discuss important depression-related topics.