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  • Social Distancing and Singles…

    The Covid-19 pandemic has literally shut down the entire planet.  As billions of people all over the world are literally quarantined at home, new terms like “ social  distancing” has evolved, as part of our new normal.  But is this really a new term?  For many singles it’s not, although it hasn’t been called social distancing before, the meaning and implications are not new to this group.  Singles have always wanted and needed more affection, and as often as possible.  Now with social distancing, what ever affection this group was getting before, has now completely stopped.  I can see it now, Singles everywhere are especially frustrated with this; even though they know it’s validated.

    Singles are often by themselves for most of the time anyway, outside of work.  They find great pleasure in socializing with friends, co-workers,  acquaintances and family members. Weekends and after work get togethers are prime time for them.  Social distancing literally takes away all of those very precious meet ups.  As said by one of my clients recently, “ I’ve been feeling very lonely”. Another mentioned that she missed the very simple things,  like a hug.  Virtual hugs are nice, but not nearly as great as feeling the warmth of another human being next to you.  For singles, things like hugging which may have seemed like a small thing to individuals who are coupled, have always been huge.  With and without a pandemic, affection has always been a big deal.

    Staying at home all day long, working from home all week long, and  for those who also live alone, this has to be a nightmare.  Another client states that it’s like ground hog day,  all day everyday.  I could hear the frustration in her voice and see it in her body language.  I know that there are zoom and watch parties taking place all over the globe, but it’s just not the same.  Many singles already lacked affection before this, some may have gone for months without being touched or shown affection towards, and here comes a virus that totally annihilates the prospects of getting any affection at all.

    During this time, some Singles may experience increase levels of depression, loneliness, anxiety, and stress, to name a few.  Some physical symptoms may include, headaches, difficulty sleeping, restlessness and an inability to relax.  These symptoms can be normal for anyone during this pandemic, but more prone to individuals who are single.  A few tips for helping with some of the above symptoms include maintaining a regular daily exercise routine. Maintaining a regular diet and try not to overeat or binge eat.  Utilize all resources to maintain social and familiar connections.  Keep a regular daily routine as much as possible, like finding time to meditate, pray and other daily activities.  This is a also a great time to utilize any skills that you may have, to help others.  Be creative,  because you will have to be your own cheerleader, until this ends.

    This pandemic has impacted everyone. There is no group that is not affected. However, the Singles have always been at a disadvantage.  Social distancing is extremely difficult on them.  Many of the affections that individuals that are in relationship take for granted,  is now magnified by their single counter parts.  Physical touch has always been lacked by this group and with social distancing now a way of life, (at least at the moment) it has become impossible. Until our world gets back to a sense of normalcy, being resilient and taking all the necessary steps to stay empowered, will help you to overcome, for the other side of this.